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all-in-one financial solution
All-In-One Financial Solution

Your complete financial picture at a glimpse - view your cash flow, income , assets, insurance and retirement information all in one platform.

financial document cloud storage
Document Repository

Data management solution to store, manage and track your documents and correspondents - keep track of your data anytime anywhere.

augmented intelligence
Augmented Intelligence

FinancialRuler aggregates external public information for your personal use; an experience that is personal and engaging.

establist trust with clients
Establish Trust with Clients

FinancialRuler empowers your client by providing transparency to take control of their own financial data in documents (eg: insurance review, tax review), helping build a strong rapport and trust with your client.

financial visualisation
Financial Visualization

Leave the number crunching to us! Let FinancialRuler convert your complex data into easy-to-view reports, charts and graphs.

time saving
Time Saving

Let FinancialRuler take care of tedious tasks for you through integrated technologies in the platform like data aggregation, augmented intelligence and automated document completion tools. Save time managing fragmented data and increase productivity.

ease of use
Ease of Use

Navigate through our platform with ease and without any training, FinancialRuler is an easy to use software and enables financial advisors to confidently adopt it in their daily operations

singapore property costs

Mortgage Costs in Singapore

What are the costs for purchasing property

cost of singapore property

Find out All the costs of your property

Find out All the costs of your property

plan mortgage

Plan for your mortgage with our data

Plan for your mortgage with our data

calculate singapore mortgage costs

Simply key in your data and let us crunch the numbers

Simply key in your data and let us crunch the numbers

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I have always felt heartened that there are individuals like Paul who would willingly devote their time to spread the importance of financial literacy.

— David Gerald
President & CEO
Security Investor Association ( Singapore )

Compared to other platforms that wasted too much time, nor is the details being displayed out to be scrutinized, nor is the process concise and easy to use, FinancialRuler is very fast. The results that are being churned out once the big data are crunched are very transparent, the processes are easy due to its reliance on machine learning. A total breeze when using it in front of clients and it lets me serve my clients better.

— Jason L.
Financial Advisor

FinancialRuler opens doors for deeper conversation as it unearths most if not all aspects of the my expenditure and raises awareness of our situation. This creates opportunities for us to really go in deep into planning. For example, I had a budget, and was really good at following it. But I just had no idea whether my budget was appropriate. Using the ruler showed me that my budgeting was a good skill, but I have neglected some areas and some areas with excessive spending. This allowed me to really reconsider my aims and construct a plan.

— William Seah
Financial Advisor

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